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To cruise or not to cruise, that is the question…

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…a question I am happy to comment on. Whether you are planning a 3 week getaway somewhere exotic, a world tour or just want to break away for a few days, a cruise is always an incredible low-stress way to travel. The only stressful thing will be deciding on where to go, because the horizon is filled with ocean liners brimming with lights, culinary artists, talented performers, first class accommodation and stellar entertainment.

A cruise takes all the worry of planning the perfect holiday away from you. You only have to board the vessel and everything from your itinerary to mapping out interesting stops along the way is already planned, printed and waiting for you. Fine dining, spas, entertainment, leisure activities, and even guided on-land tours are all there to make your journey as stress free and memorable as possible.

Of course, pre-cruise there are a few things you need to keep in mind to keep your holiday anxiety free.

You need to make a list of what to pack. (And actually make one, don’t just think of one.) It is advisable to check the weather and climate of the places you will visit. That makes it easier to decide what to wear – practical, functional and versatile usually travel well and maybe something nice for a night out. Put everything on paper, from accessories to cellphone chargers and medication and tick those off as you pack them. Be sure to note what you need to get or get done before the trip and have it all done by the night before you leave. may be a thriving internet company, but that will only add unnecessary stress to your planning.

While you are researching the weather, why not also research the places and cultures on your journey. A local phrase or two is always helpful and knowing the dos and don’ts in a foreign country can only be valuable to you.

Store all your essentials like passports, medication, currency, credit cards, and electronics together in a place that is easy to access and safe. Pack healthy snacks for your excursions, especially if you have food allergies, are a fussy eater or have a medical condition that requires your sugar levels to be constant.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. No truer words have ever been spoken, and not only about holiday photos. If you are a bit of a stress ball and can never remember if you really turned off the geyser or if you actually activated the alarm and didn’t just think about it, take a picture of yourself going through the motions – that way you have a picture trail of everything and no “what ifs”.

Another great aspect of a cruise is that, even though there is an itinerary set out for stops, you don’t have to go on all of them. It is after all, your holiday and you need to do what recharges you, and that doesn’t always include getting off the boat. There are just as many incredible things to do on the boat. The goal of a holiday is to take a break, is it not? Go to the spa, sleep in, and walk around the cruise ship. Stop and smell the roses again.

I don’t think the question should be about cruising or not cruising. I think the real question should be, “when do we leave?” Adventure awaits.