Garden Route Botanical Gardens

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Getafix Garden Café – Chicken Salad (Botanical Gardens George)

Run, walk or ride into the Garden of Eden at the Garden Route Botanical Gardens in George

Summer has officially announced its arrival in the picturesque Garden Route area of South Africa. Along with its pristine blue flag beach destinations and immaculate mountainscapes, the Southern Cape has some of the most beautiful natural splendour on display, especially during this time of year.

One of the parks overflowing with lush vegetation and natural beauty is the Garden Route Botanical Gardens. Situated in the heart of the Southern Cape in a town called George, the gardens offer patrons of all whims and whiles the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the seasonal frenzy.

Every Saturday morning at 08h00, the gardens host the famous Park Run, and while you are free to run, walk or cycle on your own time and at your leisure, there is something to be said about the camaraderie of hundreds of people, prams and pets who wind the road with you.

If you are in need of sanctuary, you can meander around the park and find your perfect perch among the twittering birds, the tranquil sound of flowing water and the nothingness that offers a soul room to breathe.

With the festive season upon us all, the Garden Route Botanical Gardens offers locals and visitors alike a place of refuge amidst the silliness. They regularly play host to a variety of garden concerts, like their famous Carols by Candlelight (4 December 2016) or you can enjoy an open air movie night (18 November 2016) at the Getafix Garden Café in the Gardens, where patrons can bring their own picnic baskets and watch a movie under the stars with their significant others.

In other words, whether you walk, run, cycle or glide through life this festive season, the Garden Route Botanical Gardens has a pace perfect for you. This silly season, you definitely have an excuse to escape from the silly and find some solace again, cradled in the arms of Mother Nature and serenaded by the sounds of life at Christmas time.