7 Wonders of the World, Australia


Australia is a country famed for much more than kangaroos, didgeridoos, an opera house and “shrimp on the barbie”, and it definitely has more to offer than rugby and cricket stadiums. This tourist friendly island continent is the 6th largest country by area in the world with popular cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and… Read More Australia


The Karoo

Escape to the silent majesty of the Karoo Does the thought of the looming winter season press heavily on your soul? Plan a recharge getaway to the simple life in the Karoo, the semi-desert natural region in South Africa. Fill your heart with cloudless skies, endless desertscapes and silence that is sure to quash any… Read More The Karoo



Visit the Easter Bunny’s lair amidst the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland It is Easter time, the season of chocolate, and where better to get your chocolate fix than the place synonymous with this decadent delicacy, but also a place of culture, beautiful scenery and yodelling – a place called Switzerland. Famed for much more than… Read More Switzerland


Walking the Camino

Camino de Santiago After all the craziness of the silly season, most people need a holiday from the holiday. How about a pilgrimage in the north-western region of Spain by taking on the Camino de Santiago? In English it translates “The Way of Saint James”, a route many use as a path towards spiritual growth.… Read More Walking the Camino


7 Reasons to Travel in 2019

7 Reasons to Travel in 2019 With advances in communication and the ease of modern-day travel, the world has truly become a small place. To those with the means and the adventurous spirit, new experiences, new cultures and new destinations are commonplace. “The bucket list” is more than just a movie starring Morgan Freeman and… Read More 7 Reasons to Travel in 2019