George Lodge International

From the moment you enter our well appointed reception area, you get the unmistakable feeling of heart-warming hospitality of our well trained personnel. Our rooms are quaint and cosy, thoughtfully furnished to ensure a comfortable stay. With many years of experience in the hospitality industry, mother and daughter team, Lenie Stander and Reinette Marais have […]

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Sondela Country House

SONDELA Country House

If you are a person who loves being outside in nature and also would like to spend a few days away from the busy city life, then there is one place where you can go and experience peace, relaxation and luxury at its  best. You are looking for the SONDELA Country House. Situated in Limpopo, […]

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Yoga Class

Would you try a yoga retreat?

‘This is far too left field[1] for me,’ exclaimed a friend when she saw the programme for my planned yoga weekend retreat.  ‘And it’s all that chanting and meditation stuff that could just be too much,’ another friend added.  No doubt, these reactions reflect the unease that many experience about yoga weekends.  Most people don’t […]

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Autumn Pictures

Make winter magical

‘I’m not venturing out this weekend,’ a friend recently declared in response to the cold that had descended on Gauteng.  ‘And this is only autumn!’ The plummeting temperatures over the past few weeks have reminded us that winter is fast approaching.  The winter cold usually brings the common sense approach of attempting to keep warm, […]

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