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The Outeniqua Power Van

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Boost your holiday entertainment on the Outeniqua Power Van

It is Christmastime and even though you may find yourself in the Garden Route along its pristine beaches and temperate climate, the fact is that sometimes your family and especially your kids will be on the lookout for something new and exciting to do. Luckily, the entertainment in the Garden Route does not begin and end at the beach. The mountain that frames the Southern Cape holds incredible adventure, guaranteed to be the cherry on your holiday cake, something everyone will be sure to remember in the year to come.

The Outeniqua Power Van is a magical holiday must for the entire family. Since February 1999, thousands of guests have been taken on a magical ride on the historic Outeniqua Railway line in the Power Van, seeing all the splendour of Eden from an entirely new angle.

A tour guide provides guests with interesting facts and titbits about the history of the Mountain range, the ecology and the amazing people who have journeyed across its contours through the ages.

The Power Van has two cars or carriages seating 12 people each, powered up and down the railway pass by a ‘motorised trolley’. On the upward jour­ney the Power Van passes through six little tun­nels, areas of lush forest and Fyn­bos, includ­ing an abund­ance of king Pro­teas, cul­min­at­ing in spec­tac­u­lar views at the summit. At points on the upward journey you can view all three passes; the old dirt road, the railway pass and the majestic new road. The upward route ends at the point at which the railway pass and old Montagu Pass meet.

The return leg of the journey has the cars trav­el­ling in reverse order, offer­ing pas­sen­gers an altern­ative view of the spectacular trail. Halfway down the pass, the van stops at a stunning picnic site for half an hour where guests can enjoy packed lunches and take some time to explore. Once the picnics are packed up and the pictures have all been taken, the Power Van descends the remainder of the journey back to the Outeniqua Train Museum, home to an incredible array of locomotives and carriages for young and old to enjoy, so do make sure to save some time to explore the history of travel in South Africa.

Experience the Outeniqua Mountains up close and personal on the Outeniqua Power Van. Enjoy the four passes, the beautiful waterfalls, the forest, Fynbos, South Africa’s crowning glory the Protea, and incredible animal life along the route. This unique rail trip is an enchanting experience the entire family will love. Accommodating groups (minimum 20 passengers) for special occasions or functions as well, this special Garden Route experience operates throughout the year from Monday to Saturday.

Clear your schedule for about 3 hours. Tickets are available from the Outeniqua Train Museum at 2 Mission Rd, George Central. Ticket prices are R150 per person, and children between 3 and 15 years old are R130 each. Tickets are cash only. To avoid disappointment, book in advance, especially in the summer season.

All that’s left is to put on your conductor’s hat and get ready for a new holiday adventure. Read more about the Garden Route.