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The world is your oyster – it’s time to travel more and worry less

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What a wonderful and exciting experience travelling is – the freedom of exploration, the adventure of a whole new world of culture, food and people to take in. New sights, new sounds and new colours are waiting around each corner, and every moment the memoirs of your life encounter a new story.

Travelling opens you up to adventures most people only dream about or binge watch on television as they live vicariously through the exploits of the on-screen characters whose lives relay the daydreams of screen writers. By getting that illusive stamp on your passport, the thrill of the journey ahead becomes a reality planned for, saved for, written about and broadcasted on Facebook and every other social platform imaginable. Cameras, telephones and tablets charged, translation apps downloaded and sunscreen packed, all you have to do now is board.

But leaving on a jet plane can also be a costly exercise, and even though money can never equate for the experience of the journey, there are definitely certain steps you can take to ensure that your trip is a great adventure no matter what is thrown your way.

At home we have numerous measures in place should the unexpected happen. Neglecting that when travelling to another country is tantamount to foolishness. It is important to make sure that international travel insurance is included in your contract. It is your seatbelt for travelling abroad – there to keep you safe in case of an emergency. Yes, it is depressing to start your travel plans by thinking or planning for something to go wrong, but wouldn’t you be able to enjoy your holiday that much more without that niggling feeling that something might go wrong and you won’t be able to pay for it, let alone know who to contact for help? That Margarita simply won’t go down as sweetly, and that sunset would just be nice and not as spectacular as it should be.

There is also nothing worse than waiting at baggage claims in a foreign country only to find out that your luggage is not on the conveyor belt. With a delayed and lost baggage protection option, you can rest assured that, should your luggage not be returned to you within 96 hours of landing, you will be paid out USD1000 per bag by our partners Blue Ribbon Bags.

If life is anything, we can all attest to it being unpredictable. You never know when something unforeseen will hamper you travel itinerary, but with a full cancellation refund option, you can secure your bookings now and cancel up to 48 hours before the departure of any international flight.

The world is your oyster has never been a truer statement than it is today. Experience all the elation of seeing the world for yourself without the hassle of worrying about the could be’s, but being confident that whatever happens, it will be fine, because you are well covered.

A tout à l’heure !

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