Best Boat Cruises in and from Durban

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boat cruises durban

In the previous article we looked at some of the different boat cruises that you can find in Cape Town, so with this article we are going to do the same, except this time we will be taking a look at boat cruises that you can find in Durban. Durban also known as the travellers paradise and home to probably the busiest port in South Africa, is a great place to visit, or from which you can start a great boat cruise.

Just like Cape Town, Durban also has it smaller boat cruises and then the bigger ones like the MSC cruise ships that depart from here, or making a stop during one of the cruises. So let’s get right into it and see what cruises you can choose from during that great vacation you have been planning all year.

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If you are just planning a nice relaxing day in the sun with friends and family then you need to book yourself a trip in The Spirit Of eLan.

This is a Royal Cape Catamaran yacht. It is 45ft, and consists of 4/5 cabins, all en-suite. They are queen sized with one king size bed.

The bathrooms have a shower. On board you will also find a very comfortable lounge area with a TV and DVD player. This is a great choice if you are having a birthday party, a romantic day, or just to admire and enjoy the beauty of Durban. Children are welcome and just to put those of you who might be a little worried, at ease, the yacht is fully equipped with life jackets and a life craft suitable for 20 passengers.

If you would like to know more about The Spirit of eLan, then please visit the links below.

If you are a group of friends on vacation and the men are big on fishing, then for one day you may decide that the guys get to do their own thing while the women go shopping, then you guys will be thrilled to see that there are quite a few places where you can hire a fishing boat. Probably one of the most famous fishing charter boats in Durban is The ELANGENI.

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Here you will find every kind of fishing, ranging from Bottom fishing, Light game fishing, Big game fishing and even Shark fishing.

This fishing boat is quite large, coming in at about 43 ft. Some of the features that The Elangeni, is equipped with include a huge deck space, duel helms, a comfortable and large saloon, there is a live bait well, a toilet and shower, and not to forget a spacious flying bridge.

For more info about this charter and to help you help a day out with the boys, please visit the link below.

Another big charter company in Durban is Hakuna Matata Charters. If you want to have a party on board of a boat, and are still searching for the perfect boat to hire, then stop your search right here. Hakuna Matata has the perfect boats for any event.

They have two very luxurious catamarans, both 58 ft. long, and because of their huge decks, they are known as the “party boats “of Durban. The boats are named “My Girl” and “My Girl Too”.  There are different cruises that you can choose from, for example, there is a Sea cruise, public cruises, a romantic sunset cruises, and also harbour cruises. Both the boats can accommodate up to 60 people.

The catamaran “My Girl” has 4 cabins, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. Both the boats have a music and PA system. And on board the “My Girl Too’ you will also find an outside bar area. So no matter what kind of event you want to have, from a birthday party, corporate event and even weddings, this where you can hire the perfect boat.

For more information on HAKUNA MATATA charters, just click on the link.

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But of course, there are also the bigger cruises that also depart from Durban. Cruises like the MSC Sinfonia and Opera.

If you combine luxury, classic and grand, the result will be the MSC Opera. Featuring panoramic windows for the most amazing sea views, marble floors, fabrics that are vibrant and fine woodwork.

But like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so all you have to do is click on the link below, and find out more about this very luxury liner.

The cruises that are available on the MSC Opera are a choice between 3 – 5 night on board, departing from Durban to Mozambique. You will have stops in Maputo, the Portuguese Island and Inhambane, depending on what cruise you will be taking.

For more on the cruise options, follow the links

There is also a 7 night cruises to Mozambique, Madagascar, and if you really enjoy doing cruises, why not take the 10 night cruises, to Mauritius, where you will be stopping in Port Louis.

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The MSC Sinfonia also offers you cruises from Durban to Mozambique, there is a cruises of 7 nights to Mozambique, Madagascar, with stops in the Portuguese Island, ANAKOA, and Fort Dauphin. And last but not least a 12 night cruises from Durban to Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius. When taking this cruise you will have stops in ILE SAINTE MARIE, La Possession and Port Louis.

If you decide that you would rather take a cruise on the Sinfonia, then you can click on the links below for more information about the ship as well as the cruises.

If you have been on many cruises and think that you have seen it all, well then surely you have not yet been on board the MSC Sinfonia.

Here you will find five star cuisine, world class service from only the best staff, elegance, comfort and an Italian style. This is of course only to mention a few things.

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So if you want to travel in style, make sure to choose the right cruise ship for you and your friends or family. And if you are looking for a day out in the sun and sea, you can’t go wrong with hiring a boat in Durban.


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