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Beautiful, Autumn, Sunday Morning Trip and a Very Big Tree.

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Early Sunday morning we headed out in search of the perfect restaurant or coffee shop to have a lazy breakfast.  The next moment we decided to go to Wilderness, but as we got to Wilderness we thought that we might as well go a little further and discover Hoekwill as we have never been there.  Hoekwill is a small little town with a lot of character, magnificent sea, lake and mountain views, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Quiet and serene.

Just wanting to take in a little more of this beautiful scenery surrounding us we decided to go even further.  We saw a road sign for Karatara and remembered our neighbour  recently told us about Karatara,  so why not go there? It was just 20km further.

We stopped at the Woodville Big Tree on our way and took a quick walk through the forest, which our little one loved! The Woodville Big Tree is a giant old Outeniqua Yellowwood that is +/-33m high and +/- 800 years old. What a spectacular experience.

As we continued to Karatara,  the tar road gave way to a very good gravel road and even more beauty! Lots and lots of super green pastures, dairy farms and forestry.  Karatara is is also a very small town or village, clean, beautiful and not far from Sedgefield which falls under the Knysna Local Municipality in the Western Cape.  It is situated on the Karatara River which flows southwards into the Swartvlei.  The Karatara Pass is found in the Seven Passes Road immediately after the Karatara Village.

We ended our trip with the most delicious pizza on the deck of the Sedgefield Golf Club.  What a fun morning and memorable trip.

Woodville Big Tree was one of our bucket list items, it was so much fun exploring this gigantic tree!