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Baylife – St Francis Bay or Cape St Francis? That is the question

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A recent article spouted research on how living close to the ocean and sitting at the beach and taking in the calming sights and sounds associated, energizes and enhances brain function. That is why, this month we are traveling to the ocean, to the East Coast of South Africa, to the town of St Francis Bay, or Cape St Francis – wait, what?

Some people are not aware that there is a difference at all, but for the locals, the definition is clear.

Situated a mere 7 km away from each other in the Kouga district of the Eastern Cape midway between Knysna and Port Elizabeth, the entire area is surrounded by the beautiful Baviaanskloof mountain range on the one side and the warm Indian ocean on the other.

With its gorgeous outstretched beaches, this beautiful coastal gem is a whale watching paradise from May to late October. Other ocean favourites popping up from the waves include Dolphin schools and Cape Clawless Otters frolicking in the waves and rock pools. This area is also a Mecca for birdlife enthusiasts with over 200 species currently recorded in the area including the Fish Eagle and the rare African Oyster Catcher.

For the sport fans, St Francis Bay is the ideal place for sailing. Its natural harbours, towns and villages along the coastline have evolved to provide everything sailors need for a spectacular sailing experience.

Cape St Francis on the other hand is a rustic fishing village adjacent to St Francis Bay and is an extremely popular surfing spot drawing visitors from all over the world. The endless stretch of beach that stretches as far as the eye can see and the historic lighthouse built in 1878 make up some of its other tourist attractions.

Visitors can take a walking trail that winds along the rocky coast through the Irma Booysen Floral Reserve all the way to Cape St Francis Point that links to the village of St Francis Bay.

Sportsmen can enjoy more than 50 different sports, including various water sports, two world class golf courses and two glass backed double squash courts. The town also boasts a beautiful canal system surrounded by picturesque white walled homes with black thatched roofs. The marina lifestyle allows visitors to fish from their jetties, swim, or explore the canals by canoe. You can paddle, boat, kite, surf or ski your way through the Kromme River Mouth to the sea.

As far as places to stay, this area has it all. From gorgeous getaways to shacks by the sea, you will find exactly what you are looking for in this tranquil and unique piece of paradise – truly the perfect place to disappear to in order to recharge your batteries.

The St Francis Bay Lodge is the perfect springboard to whatever you desire your stay at St Francis Bay to be. Whether you are in town for business, shopping, travel, leisure, sport or a family trip, we have a room perfectly suited for your needs. This upmarket leisure oasis is truly a place where you can put your feet up, relax and take in the wonders that surround you. With lots of activities to keep you and your entourage entertained, you can unwind at your own pace. The lodge offers guests breakfast, lunch at the buffet lunch bar, or a gastronomic dinner experience on the deck or poolside.

The Traveling Chef is a company that makes planning and holding a catered event easy. With more than 20 years of experience in events and catering, they are equally comfortable with serving groups of 30 or 3,000 with their own unique brand of Customized Cuisine. Their artisan bakery creates breads and fine pastries from the finest natural ingredients.

If you would like to try your hand at cooking, The Traveling Chef has a cooking class right up your alley, great for newlyweds, couples, students and young adults. You can also ‘Hire a chef’ to come and cook for you in your own environment or book a picnic hamper designed especially for your event. Whether you are a group of 20 or 2000, all of the picnic essentials are taken care of and packed perfectly.


With The Traveling Chef at your beckon call, functions, weddings and even picnics are sure to add to your memorable and magical moments at the St Francis Bay Lodge.

Admittedly, simply dreaming about a beautiful stay at the St Francis Bay Lodge already has my brain wonderfully excited about my next adventure, so I guess that there is merit in the ‘happier brain’ article’s research after all. Imagine what a real experience would do.

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