cape town, Kirstenbosch

Kirstenbosch lights up the hearts of young and old

unsplash-logoSimon Caminada Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens Cape Town is in full bloom – the dams are glistening with water, beaches are bustling with tourists and nature around the Cape Peninsula is putting on a splendid display of colour and abundance in the wake of the blessing of wonderful rains over the past few months. One… Read More Kirstenbosch lights up the hearts of young and old



Namaqualand, colours flourish into technicolour magic  Spring is in the air, and in an arid region of South Africa and Namibia extending along the west coast over 1,000 kilometres and encompassing a total area of 440,000 square kilometres, spring is bursting out in glorious colour on the ground. Annually celebrating the end of winter, the… Read More Namaqualand


Great Canyons

Trek to the great canyons around the world Life is full of mountains and valleys, but unlike convention would have you believe, not all valleys in life are bad – some of them are quite magnificent. There are hundreds of different canyons around the world, but I have chosen 5 must-see beauties, definitely worth a… Read More Great Canyons

7 Wonders of the World, Australia


Australia is a country famed for much more than kangaroos, didgeridoos, an opera house and “shrimp on the barbie”, and it definitely has more to offer than rugby and cricket stadiums. This tourist friendly island continent is the 6th largest country by area in the world with popular cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and… Read More Australia


The Karoo

Escape to the silent majesty of the Karoo Does the thought of the looming winter season press heavily on your soul? Plan a recharge getaway to the simple life in the Karoo, the semi-desert natural region in South Africa. Fill your heart with cloudless skies, endless desertscapes and silence that is sure to quash any… Read More The Karoo